Host a Meeting in 2020!


AZBTA invites you to showcase your facility and catering expertise to their membership and guests by hosting one of their meetings or events.

Monthly membership meetings average 40-60 travel buyers and suppliers!

These are excellent opportunities to bring decision makers into your facilities, showcasing the best you have and demonstrating your catering and audio/visual prowess. 

By hosting a meeting or event, your property will have an opportunity to welcome the attendees from the podium, offer tours at the conclusion, and will be listed on the AZBTA looping as a sponsoring member. In addition, all meeting invitations to your location will advertise your property and include contact information.

Event postings remain on the website for a full calendar year.

AZBTA could not produce the quality educational and celebratory events for which we are known without your assistance and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering hosting us!


Please review the dates and requirements below to ensure that pricing is consistent with AZBTA requirements and then submit your proposal to the AZBTA contact as soon as possible. Make sure to include in the email Subject Line: AZBTA Meeting/Event Proposal. If you have questions or believe you cannot host an event at the cost given, but would still like to be considered, please contact the AZBTA Director of Meetings to determine the best way to participate.


Brenda Allen, VP/Director of Meetings

[email protected]



Monthly Member Meetings are hosted at $35.00 per person, inclusive of tax, gratuity, and audio visual. If you believe you cannot participate at this cost but would like to host, please contact the AZBTA directly to determine how best to participate. 

  • Accommodates between 40-60 members and guests increscent rounds of 6.

  • Audio/Visual Complimentary

    • Podium with microphone and wireless lapel microphone

    • LCD projector package with 10’ projection screen

  • Lunch – Chef’s Choice.

    • Preset salad and dessert

    • Plated service for main course

  • Registration - Set inside Room

    • Two 6ft Tables w/ 2 Chairs

    • Waste Basket

    • Complimentary WiFi - 1 User

    • Power strip


    • 10:30AM-Set Up

    • 11:00AM-Guests Arrive

    • 11:45AM-Lunch Service

    • 1:00PM-Conclude

  • Lunch Meetings are scheduled the third Wednesday of the month 

  • Complimentary one-night stay for speaker (Upon Request)

  • Ample event parking

  • Downtown hotels: street and garage parking OK

Please let Brenda Allen know if parking is included or if parking price is reduced