1. Q) I am interested in joining AZBTA. What do I need to do?
    A) Fill out our membership application and submit it online. The membership form can be found here. An AZBTA membership representative will contact you and email a welcome letter once your completed application and payment have been received.

  2. Q) How much is membership for AZBTA?
    A) Direct Member and Allied member dues are $175 annually.

  3. Q) How do I know if I am an Allied or Direct?
    A) Allied members are actively involved in selling to the corporate market and are suppliers of business travel related services such as airline, ground transportation, lodging, and other specialized services that fall under the control and accountability of corporate travel management. Direct members are persons who have an active involvement in supplier selection, negotiation, and/or management of the business travel program. Their responsibilities should include the supervision, control or accountability of corporate travel.

  4. Q) I am interested in attending a meeting before I decide to join, can I do so?
    A) Yes, you are welcome to attend a maximum of 2 meetings per year as a guest at the $50.00 rate. You may register for the meeting through the registration link of the meeting you wish to attend, or you can send your RSVP information to [email protected].

  5. Q) When are monthly meetings?
    A) Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, usually during lunch. We do have reception functions so please refer to our "Meetings & Events" section for upcoming meetings information including location, time and how to RSVP.

  6. Q) When and how do I register for the monthly meetings?
    A) The next upcoming event is always listed on our homepage, and you simply need to follow the link to register for the event. For those that RSVP by the cutoff date indicated, registration is $40.00 for members (the early bird rate--it then increases to $45 after early bird time period is over) and $50.00 for non-members. RSVPs after after the cutoff date, or attendees with no RSVP will be charged as follows: Members: $50, Pre-paid members: $35, Non-members/Guests: $50.

  7. Q) If I am a prepaid member do I need to RSVP for the monthly meetings?
    A) Yes, please do so via the RSVP link for the monthly meeting and select the prepaid option.

  8. Q) I have registered for the meeting but cannot attend due to a work or personal matter, can I get a refund?
    A) No, meeting fees are non refundable.

  9. Q) I am new to my position and want to change my company's membership to my name. What do I need to do?
    A) Contact our Director of Membership at [email protected]

  10. Q) Can we buy a membership for our company and vary who attends the monthly meetings at the member rate?
    A) No, membership must be designated to one person at the company and only that person can RSVP at the member rate. The guest rate and guidelines would apply to anyone else.

  11. Q) I am no longer employed; can I continue to attend monthly meetings?
    A) Should you lose your job (non-voluntary) you will be reclassified as a Sustaining Member for the remainder of your membership period. You can continue to attend the meetings at the member rate of $40.00. To do so please contact [email protected]

  12. Q) I am leaving my current company; can I take my membership with me?
    A) No, the membership resides with the company where it was originally purchased. You may re-apply with your new company if you wish to.

  13. Q) Do we have scholarships available?
    A) Yes, AZBTA has direct and allied scholarships available. Please refer to the Scholarship tab. GBTA has scholarships available as well. The link can be found on the Scholarship tab.

  14. Q) Once I am a member, how do I obtain a user ID and password?
    A) It will be emailed to you in your membership welcome letter. Please contact [email protected] if you have not received your ID and password.

  15. Q) Are there any sponsorship opportunities?
    A) Yes, please contact our Director of Sponsorships ([email protected]) for more information.

  16. Q) Who do I contact if I am interested in joining a committee or volunteering?
    A) To join a committee or volunteer your time on at a particular event or upcoming meeting simply contact any of the board members listed in the "Leaders Section" on our website.