Government Relations

Take Action: Support Your Colleagues' Efforts on Capitol Hill 

Today at NBTA's Annual Legislative Summit, NBTA members are descending on Capitol Hill to discuss issues that impact the business travel community. Now, you can support their efforts in just one minute. Follow the link below to contact your local representation.

NBTAPAC is the bipartisan GBTA USA political action committee or PAC. As the only federally recognized PAC representing the business travel industry, it gives the industry another voice in the political process.

Through NBTAPAC, GBTA members educate and financially support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro business travel interests.

When government policies can make such a big difference in your lives – and the success of your employer and the business travel industry –participation in the political process is essential.

Further Information:

Members, please log in to make a contribution.  You'll see a "Contribute to the NBTAPAC" link in the menu on the left. 

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